Petition Resource Page

USPTO Petition Points of Contact

Petitions processed by the Office of Petitions—link to Chapter 1000 of the MPEP

    Petition Helpdesk (571) 272-3282
  • The receptionist can answer basic questions such as has the petition been entered and generally how long it may take for certain types of petitions to be decided.
  • The Petition Attorneys who operate the Helpdesk can answer more in depth questions.
    Patents Ombudsman Program (571-272-5555 or 855-559-8589)
  • The Patents Ombudsman provides assistance to applicants and attorneys throughout the application process when the normal processing has stalled.
  • Please note - the Patents Ombudsman Program is not intended to circumvent normal communication between applicants or their representatives and examiners or supervisory patent examiners (SPEs) or TC Directors.

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