Michael Spector

Michael Spector

Cover Image for Introducing LLC (“”) is excited to announce the launch of the first comprehensive searchable database of publicly available patent petition documents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). The searchable database includes 500,000 documents from 200,000 patent applications filed since 2013. The documents include petitions, requests for reconsideration, and most importantly, petition decisions.

Each year, tens of thousands of petitions are filed with the USPTO’s Office of Petitions. A petition is often a signed, written request submitted to the Office of Petitions seeking some form of relief related to the filing of patent applications.

By utilizing’s extensive searchable database, patent attorneys, patent agents, and their support teams can efficiently search through hundreds of thousands of petition documents to readily find ones with similar issues and/or fact patterns. As a result, patent professionals will be able to more quickly and easily craft a petition with an increased likelihood of being granted on the first attempt, potentially avoiding the need to request reconsideration of a denial or dismissal.

If you have to file a petition in an unusual situation, is the closest thing to the Holy Grail that I’ve seen, remarked Jeremy R. Kriegel, Partner at Marshall Gerstein & Borun LLP.

Petition grant rates vary dramatically from 65%–98% across law firms. We believe law firms which use our database will be able to significantly increase their chances of getting a petition granted on the first attempt while saving time and effort, relieving stress and reducing uncertainty, noted Michael Spector,’s Co-Founder.

Facts, filters, and features of the database:

  • Facts - The searchable database includes 500,000 petition documents from 200,000 patent applications filed since 2013.
  • Filters - The database allows users to search using natural language queries and offers filters including Petition Type (Request/Decision), Decision Type (Granted/Dismissed/Denied/etc.), Petition Document Filing Year, Examiner, and Law Firm.
  • Features - The subscriber can readily access the original petition document filed with the USPTO with just one click, bookmark petition documents of particular interest for easy future retrieval, and review all petition documents pertaining to the petition decision.
  • Analytics -’s analytics help law firms improve their marketing as well as better understand attributes related to filing successful petitions. With the launch of its comprehensive searchable database of patent petition documents, begins its quest to build a robust portfolio of patent-related databases. will continue to work closely with patent attorneys to develop new databases to help improve the efficiency and results of prosecuting patent applications.

About LLC. LLC is a privately held company established to improve the efficiency and results of prosecuting patent applications.

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